Selecting an Executive Sedan over Uber

Chances are you, or someone you know, has an Uber app on their smartphone. It’s not uncommon to hear “Let’s take Uber,” before reserving a car.  However, there are quite a few significant differences between a luxury car service and Uber that may be worth considering next time you need transportation.  Here are just a few reasons why selecting a professional limousine company might be more convenient for your lifestyle and budget.

First of all, let’s take into consideration the drivers.  Almost anyone can be a driver for Uber. Their guidelines include the following:

  • Must be 21 years or older
  • Must have access to a four door car, 2006 or newer in most cities
  • Have a Social security number
  • Have a Current registration and in state auto insurance

However, limousine chauffeurs take customer service to a whole new level. They provide exemplary and professional etiquette at all times. From opening and closing doors, to ensuring their guests are comfortable while maintaining patience and a helpful attitude.  While you do get a picture of your Uber driver, their  job is to simply drop you off at your destination before usually rushing to their next pickup. Drivers also can cancel on you at any time.  

Need to get to the airport? An important business meeting? While an Uber driver may agree to pick you up, they can change their mind without suffering any consequences.  Not only that, there is no requirement for Uber drivers to maintain their vehicles. There is no accountability whatsoever, if a car is run down, nor maintained. This may not only cause delays, but can be dangerous as well.

You can be rest assured that our chauffeurs always follow proper etiquette to ensure that you arrive on time, and we are adamant about taking all necessary steps to guarantee your safety.

Finally, if you run into a problem with your Uber driver, there is no real customer service to call, only an email. If you have missed an important meeting, event or flight, you want to talk to someone immediately to get the issue resolved.  With Uber, this doesn’t happen. And if you would like your driver to wait between appointments, sorry, but that’s not part of their job description.

So rather than tell you more of what Uber CAN’T do for you, let’s discuss what The Perfect Limo WILL do for you, and how we PREPARE for your trip:  

  • We drive first rate, comfortable, clean and well maintained vehicles.
  • We will meet all of your needs to ensure a first class ride.
  • We provide options and recommendations  to make sure your transportation is everything you desire it to be.
  • Clients are treated with the utmost respect and care.
  • Our drivers are trained, have first class driving records and willing to pick up at any location.
  • Drivers are punctual, add luxury to a special event, know where you are going, are prepared and allow for plenty of time to arrive to your destination on schedule.
  • Our Drivers and Vehicles can be reserved in advance.  
  • Have a celebration? We can help with that also.

Limousine and Executive Sedan services are a welcome addition to any occasion. Birthday parties, wine tours, weddings, business events, airport pick up or deliveries.  All in all, there simply is no other way to have a credible, stress free, and safe driving experience than with The Perfect Limo & Sedan.

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