Celebrating a Milestone? Great Ideas to Make Your Day Enjoyable

Are you or someone you know planning a milestone celebration this year? Maybe it’s a special birthday, anniversary,  retirement or a group of friends gathering together for a reunion.  Part of making the event one to remember, is by making it unique.  Here are some of the best ideas we have gathered to create a memory invoking, one of a kind occasion!

  • Pick A Decade:  Celebrating a big birthday? What about a reunion? Dress in the decade that you were born, or the year you graduated!  A popular theme is a 70’s party. Bell bottoms, boots, polyester, big hair, disco music, not to mention the infamous disco ball are sure to get the party started.  Include a scavenger hunt for 70’s items. For a 1950’s party, besides the attire and music, you can arrange games special to that era, such as a hula hoop contest.   

  • Sweet 16:  There is no limit what you can do for a teenager turning 16.  Throw a themed party, such as a Hollywood Gala. Rent or buy a long thin carpet (try a party store for a cheaper version), and roll it out from the entrance of your home, to the limo. Ask everyone to wear glamorous clothes and provide cheap, fun sunglasses. Gather parents or your friends  to act as paparazzi, and have them send photos to you, print, and then turn into an autograph book complete with signatures of all who attended.
  • Retiring? Maybe it’s a friend, spouse or even your boss. Creating a celebration other the standard luncheon or banquet can often be more memorable.  For example, plan a golf tournament if the person of honor is a major golf player, or maybe a fishing expedition or a picnic followed by baseball game. If they are relocating, create a theme around their new location, such as Mexico or Costa Rica. Even if  traveling is on their agenda, have guests wear Hawaiian shirts or clothing from wherever their destination may be.  Of course, a playlist is always mandatory and an appropriate one for retirement may include: “Working 9-5” by Dolly Parton, “Hit the Road Jack” by Ray Charles, and “Happy Trails” by Roy Rogers.
  • Anniversary!  Celebrating a milestone anniversary is a must, and one thoughtful idea is to take a tour of those locations that bring special significance to the couple.  Include a limousine ride with stops where you were dating, married or even drive by your first apartment or home, all while sipping champagne and listening to favorite music, including the first song you danced to as a new couple.
  • New Job! It’s exciting to get a new job, so it’s always appropriate to celebrate with friends. Now is a great time to enjoy a weekend getaway before the hard work begins.  Close to Orange County, popular getaways include wine tasting in Santa Barbara, strolling the beaches in San Diego or living it up in Las Vegas. Reserving a limousine or party bus is a perfect way to make sure you and your guests are in safe, good hands.
  • Graduating! Whether it’s high school, college, or graduate school, homework and studying is over for now, so it’s time for a little pomp and circumstance. For the 18 year old off to a university, celebrate with the college’s colors and mascot, and if they are going out of the area for school, have menu items include food from that region.  For college graduates who are moving away to start their new career, invite old friends and take a hometown tour with trivia sheets created to evoking memories of good times.  

Any milestone is worth savoring and celebrating.  Everyone wants a reason to party, but finding a way to honor a person, can be challenging, but so worthwhile.  Naturally, every event is made more special when hiring a limousine and party bus as you can simply go anywhere you want, travel with your family and friends, and quite simply, make great memories.  

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