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Travel during the Holidays ?

According to the Consumer Pulse survey, the majority of travelers (78%) are concerned about traveling this holiday season, due to the pandemic. Although about 45% said they were more comfortable traveling now compared to earlier this year, when the pandemic began. How does limousine services rank? All our limousines & vehicles are sanitized each & every use. Per CDC guidelines. Drivers are tested & required to be masked. Most of our vehicles partition off. Safety is the forefront of importance here at Perfect limo and sedan transportation.

“While many will prefer to stay home this holiday season, some local residents are more willing to travel than they were earlier this year,‘ said Adrienne Woodland, spokesperson of the AAA – The Auto Club Group. “Whether that confidence is based on more education about COVID-19 or simply a need to get out and celebrate the holidays.  AAA urges all travelers to follow the safety advice of the CDC ” Check out our fleet for a day of travel.

Of those who didn’t outright cancel or postpone their plans, 22.2% said they’ve significantly changed their holiday routines in light of the crisis. With the majority of residents (72%) say they are most comfortable traveling in Limousines. Because this mode of transportation provides more personal control over cleanliness and social distancing. Auto travel tends to be more affordable due to lower gas prices and allows clients to be more flexible with the timing of their trip, according to AAA. Take the worry & hassle out of the equation. Enjoy one of our Limousines. Sit back and let us do the work, enjoy the Holiday! Give us a call today.