The Perfect Limo Chauffeur Vs The Untrained Chauffeur

The Perfect Limo Chauffeur Vs The Untrained Chauffeur

The Perfect Limo Chauffeur Vs The Untrained Chauffeur


One of the biggest complaints in the limo transportation industry is a late chauffeur. This is an ongoing issue that causes a lot of friction and inconvenience to the customer. The Perfect Limo acknowledges this as unprofessional and inexcusable. To prevent our Chauffeurs from showing up late, we train them comprehensively on airport transportation, corporate transport, travel agent transport, and administrative transport. Our chauffeurs are trained to establish your affiliation as an airport passenger, a corporate business, or an administrative assistant so they know how to best accommodate your needs. Establishing your connection helps our chauffeurs pinpoint the time frame they need to pick you up and drop you off. If our schedule doesn’t coincide with yours than we encourage you to say “no” as the customer. Your schedule is important to us and we consider your commitments as our own. At The Perfect Limo we are dedicated to servicing your immediate needs as a customer. Instead of having one of our chauffeurs show up 5 minutes late, we will show up 15 minutes early. If we cannot make it to our customers within a 5 minute early interval, than we will not burden them by providing abysmal service. The Perfect Limo prides ourselves on transparency, integrity, and execution. Our chauffeurs will maximize your time guaranteed, whether you’re a regular, corporate, executive, or administrative passenger.

The Perfect Limo: On Time Airport Transportation

Generally speaking, most airport cabs charge an arm and a leg. They even take the long route to your destination just to up charge their passengers. While it’s extremely economic for them, it’s extremely inconvenient for you as the passenger. Not only is it inconvenient, but it’s overpriced and not time efficient whatsoever. By selfishly going the long route and filling up their pockets, they are costing you time and money. The Perfect Limo has recognized this trend and has built competitive standards to circumvent this. We properly ascertain the total distance being travelled from the time we pick up our passengers until the time of drop off. This way we are charging our clients according to a predetermined travel route. Our chauffeurs are trained to choose routes that successfully reach our passengers intended destinations at least 5 minutes early. We also pick up our passengers within 5-15 minutes early to consider any traffic, road blocks, or potential detours from shut off roadways. Airport travel can be tricky if you don’t find an organized and efficient source of transportation. At the Perfect Limo, it is our mission to establish the most efficient, affordable, and timely form of airport transportation. Whether you’re going to the airport or coming from the airport, we are able to coordinate a lucrative, luxurious transportation experience.

The Perfect Limo: On Time Corporate Transport

When you’re in town on business you’re always going to be on the look out for the most reliable, affordable, and cost
efficient transportation service. Whether it’s a cab, limo, or bus. Whatever gets the job done to your expectations. Sadly, many transportation services fall short of your expectations. Especially privately owned cab or limo companies. At The Perfect Limo we strive for customer satisfaction. We attained this customer satisfaction with our ability to survey our passengers individual experiences and feedback. Also, by observing statistics like the total amount of time taken for pick ups, drops offs, route redirection, and roadway detours. By accumulating this data over time, we have established the most efficient routes of transportation and a practical approach for transporting corporate passengers. We understand that your schedules can be unpredictable and sporadic, so we have given our chauffeurs specialized training to meet your standards and expectations. As long as we know the position our corporate passengers are in, we can correspond our chauffeurs to their travel needs. When catering to a corporate passenger, we provide all the best tools and geographic resources to provide time oriented transportation.

The Perfect Limo: On Time Administrative Transport

If you’re a travel agent or administrative assistant to a corporation, you usually have a routine to uphold. It’s more convenient for you to find an executive transportation service willing to accommodate your obligations and responsibilities. If you’re having trouble finding a limo or cab company to fulfill your needs than it’s most likely because
they are lacking the proper training to accommodate your schedule. At The Perfect Limo we assign training to our chauffeurs to be able to handle any situation. It’s extremely important to fulfill the needs of our passengers, so we keep improving as a company. The more we improve, the better quality of service we are able to provide to all our passengers. With the proper training, our chauffeurs are able to accomplish any deadline of transportation for administrative assistants and travel agents. By adjusting to all our passengers routines and lifestyles, we are able to maintain the same level of customer service all the time, any time.

The Perfect Limo: Benefits of On Time Transport

We benefit our passengers by making them look and feel the part. Have you ever heard the saying, “if you’re on time than you’re late?” If yes, than you’ve probably also realized that “if you’re early than you’re on time.” The Perfect Limo benefits our passengers by providing them peace of mind with being early and by planning out their transport from beginning to end. By our chauffeurs receiving specialized training and being disciplined, our passengers receive top of the line, executive transportation. We are accountable for getting you to your intended destination on time and we acknowledge that. Whether you’re a travel agent, corporate business owner, administrative assistant, or airport passenger, your guaranteed a luxurious transportation experience. We look forward to servicing you!
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